Two Factor Authentication

Brief Description

Focus on file permissions, security and integrity.  One of the ways information is controlled is through Two Factor Authentication.

Extended Description

The website may be setup for open registration, closed registration, or by invite.  Members are then assigned a GROUPID of 1,5,7 or 9.  This GROUPID is then used for assigning general permissions to areas of the website.  More information on Member Accounts and Logins.  Two Factor Authentication is then used as configured or when accessing pre-determined configuration changes.

When is Two Factor Authentication Required

How Does the Website Two Factor Authentication Work

On a normal login, you will not be prompted for Two Factor Authentication.  However if you attempt to make any changes or access areas that have been flagged as requiring Two Factor Authentication, and you have not authenticated, you will be prompted before continuing.

Simply put, the website will send you a 6-digit number that must be entered in the space provided.  If it is correct, then you current session will be flagged accordingly.  

Two Factor Authentication can be verified by the email in which the account has been setup or by text message.  However for text messages to work, you must add and verify a cell phone to your personal information.  To access your personal information, you will need authenticate two factor via your email account.  

Once you have a cellphone added to your account, you may do Two Factor Authentication via email or by text message.

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