Member Accounts and Logins

Brief Description

Member Accounts are either by open, Google, Facebook, or by invite.  Accounts are assigned to a specific group.

Extended Description

The website administrator can setup the website to permit members to login via open, Google, Facebook, or by invite.  By default, approved members are assigned a GROUPID of 5 and the website administrator can further approve members with additional GROUPID’s.  

How New Accounts are Setup

Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication is used through various areas on the website.  Specifically when personal information is required or accessing a module that is set to require Two Factor Authentication.

For more information on Two Factor Authentication

Failed Login Attempts

When a guest attempts to log into the website and has three consecutive incorrect attempts, the failed actions are performed:

  1. A log entry is made with the guest connection information, including: attempted member, IP address, operating system, and browser, etc.
  2. Email is sent to the website administrator with the logged information.
  3. Guest is forced to wait 15 minutes before trying any further login attempts.

The website administrator must evaluate the failed attempt to determine if the is an attempted breach of the website or simply a member having difficulties logging in.

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