Secure File Manager Plus

Brief Description

Focus on file permissions, security and integrity.  Permissions are assigned to members.  Security with password and 'openssl AES-256-CBC' encryption.  File integrity is provided by MD5 checking.  Downloads are provided in password protected zip packages.

Extended Description

Overall purpose of the “Secure File Manager Plus” is to provide a secure area for teams to store controlled files.  

Setup of Teams and Team Security

File Manager Security

Notes and Information on Keeping Secure Files Secure

To ensure file security, it is important to keep ZIP packages secure.  Never UNZIP a password protected ZIP package to your local computer.  

PDF, PNG, JPG, and GIF files will contain a header with the member information and time stamp at the top of every page.  This helps with traceability in the event the printed and/or the unprotected file is found on a local computer workstation, laptop, or smart device.

Once a file has been removed from a protected ZIP package, the security integrity becomes questionable.  It is important to establish local policies and provide training on handling printed and non-protected files.

Additional Comments

Files are backed up during normal system maintenance schedules.  Since the password protected files are encrypted, backups DO NOT store the files in the un-encrypted state and recovery is impossible without a password.

The only information about the folders and files that is stored is password of the folder.  The password is encrypted with 'openssl AES-256-CBC + key'  and then stored in a MYSQL password field.  This technique of storing critical information has time tested.

If you do not have direct access to the server files and database information, consider making local backups of the download ZIP packages.

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